Account Director

Katerina Koroneou grew up and studied in the United Kingdom, earning BA in Marketing Design at the University of Guildhall and MA in Marketing Communication at the University of Westminster.

Communication is a striking characteristic of her personality that is consistent with her studies and her career to date.

She began her career by training Art & Design students to travel abroad and to study.

She then decided to take her own business venture by establishing her own business, a bookstore, where she had the opportunity to get in touch with the actual conditions that an entrepreneur has to face such as: customer management, supplies, inventory control, etc.

Her involvement with her own enterprise and with the resulting responsibilities would equip her for the future while at the same time she started working in the Account Service of the family business, which would become her next professional milestone.

Her career at Synergy began in 2003 and has progressively taken her through all the departments, providing her with the necessary experience in terms of Processes, Operations, Customer Management and Customer Service.

Having gained this experience, she began developing the company’s Customer Service and enhancing the Customer Experience whilst managing the Internal Audits and the ISO certifications.

At the same time, as Synergy was growing, new needs and new challenges arose and she was entrusted the role of Key Account Manager so as to improve the customer service.

From 2015 until today, she is the Account Director and with the support of the company’s teams is supporting its entire clientele, constantly developing new best practices always striving for Synergy to provide a unique collaboration experience to its customers.