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For Synergy, Sustainable Development is at the ‘heart’ of its business model. Sustainable development is a one-way street and reflects both our principles and our business actions.

Environmental protection and more generally Corporate Social Responsibility are implemented through ‘Sustainable Synergy Stories’, which are developed through separate action stories, in the context of a comprehensive CSR plan.

So, we take care of:

  • The Environment: We design and implement actions aimed at protecting the environment while at the same time respecting it while implementing sound energy, water management, and prudent use of consumables and recycling as actively and as fully as possible in all installations. At the same time, we inform about the actions taken by the Company to all employees, on the one hand for their proper implementation and on the other we constantly encourage them to new actions. Additionally, we are upgrading existing equipment in order to make it more efficient and reduce its environmental impact.
  • Society: Offering to society is continuous and uninterrupted, and this is something that characterizes us as we constantly strive to take action around it. Contributing to vulnerable social groups in need of social assistance is an important motivation for CSR actions. It is also noteworthy that the Company’s employees have embraced these activities to the fullest and are happy to participate, volunteering their free time and often with the participation of their family members.
  • Human: At Synergy we attract valuable executives and employees with the skills and expertise for our space, but at the same time with ‘soft’ features that align with the Company’s culture of respect, consistency, quality and noble development. We respect their needs, create a climate of good cooperation by recognizing their performance and rewarding it. We also continuously invest in our employees in terms of their training and technical training in the supply chain.
  • Market: We are committed to providing our customers with high quality supply chain services. Satisfying the customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations, ensures the future sustainability of the Company and its growth in the face of competition. With responsibility for our market in mind, we are constantly striving to adapt effectively to the new challenges that arise so that we can serve them to the fullest extent possible. Our customer-centric policy is aimed at keeping our customers happy and for this reason we build strong partnerships with them and long-term partnerships with an extremely high Customer Rate Retention.