Everybody involved in the fashion industry is directly dependent on a series of sifting trends, owing to the extremely short product life cycle, which leads to an ever increasing competition. These particularities are also reflected in the quality of the Supply Chain services required by the specific industry, both in the importation of the products and in their overall management.

At Synergy we provide specialized solutions, always based on the market requirements but also on the specific project specifications, required by the depositor, whether by adapting them to an existing distribution channel or by designing ‘ad hoc’ solutions in collaboration with the depositor.

The services we provide to our depositors include:

  • Management of items based on color and size, multiple packages, etc.
  • Tracking of sales cycles (seasonality).
  • Nationwide distribution up to the final recipient, B2B and B2C channels (Business to Business και Business to Customer).
  • Promotional campaigns and management of high seasonality.
  • Reverse Logistics, Returns and defective products management.

Synergy provides its depositors on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with a plethora of information on the status of their imports and their orders, as well as on the performance indicators of the project regarding the On-Time reception, stock accuracy, order fulfillment, On-Time delivery etc.