Παρεχόμενες υπηρεσίες

The landscape of the traditional retail business is changing at an increasing pace and with the need for digital purchases growing exponentially, due to the new needs which arise.

The retail Omnichannel business takes the lead from the traditional retail channels, which until recently held the largest market share. What’s more, the Omnichannel is a holistic approach to the e-commerce, providing to the clients an integrated purchasing experience for both products and services.

Thus, the clients have the possibility to procure – but also to pay for – products and services by various means. Now, besides the physical store and the payment with cash or card, the consumer has the option of buying through a website, an app, social media etc. and of paying with a card, Paypal, electronic bank transfer etc.

It is imperative for the companies which sell through the digital solutions, to be able at all times to satisfy the requests of their clients within the new and rapidly growing digital retail market. In order for this to be possible, it is crucial to achieve a comprehensive digital integration with the Logistics and the Supply Chain.

As a 3PL company which stands out for its passion for innovation and ongoing technological evolution, Synergy is able to achieve the absolute digital integration. Having the ideal combination of experienced staff and cutting edge technology, Synergy can provide effective, tailor-made solutions for the e-commerce, offering its clients the best customer experience and contributing decisively to the satisfaction of the end consumer.

Specifically, the services offered are:

  • Real time inventory monitoring.
  • Demand forecasting.
  • Status Alerts to the clients.
  • Systems integration.
  • Flexibility and Scalability for each project.
  • Track and Trace.