Quality Policy

At Synergy we place great value on quality and make its safeguarding in every process stage and in every partnership our priority. We provide turnkey proposals and solutions to every problem or need which the client may face in the scope of the Supply Chain.

The drivers for our performance are the plethora of indicators (K.P.I.s) which we use for measuring our results and the evaluation of the efficiency at all levels in key fields such as the inventory accuracy, the completeness of the execution of the orders, the correctness of the deliveries, the speed of processing the inbound shipments and the stock availability, the response speed to the clients’ requests etc.

We follow closely the development of the needs of the clients who place their trust in us and we propose adequate actions and solutions, aiming at, and striving for top quality.

In that sense, we place great importance on attaining all the necessary quality certifications which are expected from us by every contemporary organization – potential customer. Thus, we are certified under ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14000 και ISO 18000 and EN ISO 22000:2005.

At the same time, our company passes with flying colors the frequent evaluations undertaken by specialist auditors employed by our multinational clients with the aim to examine the response level of their local 3PL partner within the agreed SLA in comparison to the international standards, but also in fields such as Health & Safety and Environmental Management.

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