Producers in the food industry are facing strong pressure in terms of retail prices. In this context, companies offering Supply Chain services in the FMCG sector, need to be flexible and to adapt to market demands, both by reducing costs and by elevating the level of services they provide, using innovative solutions which deliver value to the products and by extension to the consumer.

At Synergy we recognize the significance – but also the particularities – of the food industry, the importance of the proper handling of the goods and we operate always with the reputation of the depositors who have entrusted us with the management of their products, in mind.

Synergy serves the specialized needs of the companies in the FMCG sector (dry cargo) based on modern Distribution Centers and processes as well as on a nationwide network that the company has developed and which serves over 32,000 delivery points allover Greece.

We ensure the quality in every stage of the Supply Chain by implementing multiple inspection steps during the execution of the services, using processes, equipment and infrastructure appropriate for the management of FMCG, always in compliance to the global standards, while our staff of all levels is systematically trained in all the processes so as to have the knowledge and the experience required in the handling of FMCG.

With years of experience and expertise, we are seeking to become each depositor’s strategic partner, supporting their development through solutions and processes that we will jointly design and implement.

Synergy provides its depositors with daily, weekly and monthly information on the status of their imports and orders as well as on the performance indicators of the services rendered in terms of the timely reception, inventory accuracy, order fulfillment, on time delivery etc.