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Synergy is a leading, innovative, customer-centric, premium provider of a unique spectrum of high value-adding supply chain (contract logistics, warehousing and inventory management, transportation and distribution, international forwarding, 4PL, advisory/consulting) and logistics services (packaging, labelling, quality control, call centre, special projects support) to a wide portfolio of customers and industries.

We are differentiated by our strong customer-centric culture and professional staff, aiming to exceed customer expectations and consistently deliver exceptional customer experience, proactively  fostering and enhancing unique, win/win partnerships, creating a sustainable competitive advantage for customers and stakeholders.

We are adept in creating and seamlessly delivering innovative supply chain solutions that reinforce the quality, reliability and trust of our customer network while rigorously optimizing the customer operational costs, ultimately contributing to improved financial returns.

We are dedicated to vigorously question, listen, empathize and understand each customer and each industry – their needs, worries, performance barriers and business challenges – to ensure that their supply chain management systems are linked with their corporate growth strategies.

We are governed by the strong belief that our mutual success and prosperity is achieved through long term business partnerships and guided by a constant effort for aligning ourselves with their strategy and being sensitive to their operational priorities.

Our Strategy

At Synergy we place great emphasis on our approach to customers, fulfilling our promise to offer them a unique collaborative experience. We are proving this in praxis by being anthropocentric, always next to the customer, listening to his unique and changing needs and building first and foremost strong bonds of trust.

Our emotional identification with each new client is one of our points of differentiation and is the core of the approach of every project we undertake. We recognize the individual goals and desires of the customer, studying in-depth with him so as to share his passion and his vision in order to align our course through our common goals. Our desire is for the solutions we offer to fully meet even the most demanding expectations of the customers, so that every project we undertake can evolve and progress.

Excellence and constant improvement are part of our DNA, so we are constantly “constructively dissatisfied”. Our successes and high-performance ratings of services do not put us at ease, on the contrary, we are constantly setting new targets and new challenges, so that innovative solutions can make us surpass ourselves and become better every time.

At the same time, we are striving for the gradual and sustainable growth of our business drivers, at the same time creating value for the people, the environment, the society and our customers. The consistent financial performance and growth enables

us to invest in the professional development and specialization of our staff as well as in advanced Business Solutions, for the benefit of customers.

The Synergy Promise

To provide a unique Customer Experience

Our Vision

To become the preferred, trusted customer – centric provider of quality, unique, innovative and value enhancing supply chain solutions, while fostering effective business partnerships.

Our Mission

To provide integrated supply chain management services such as Contract Logistics, Freight Forwarding and Value Added Services to commercial and industrial companies in Greece and Southeastern Europe.

Our Approach is the Alignment with the Customer

At Synergy, we treat every customer as unique, taking into consideration their particularities, goals, vision and demands, in order to tailor the collaboration model individually and to align fully with them. We insist on creating strong partnerships, based on trust, respect, ethos, transparency, professionalism, and profound knowledge of the subject. In this respect, our partnerships are long lasting and mutually beneficial.

We set common goals for a successful collaboration, an integral part of which are the Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) which illustrate in detail the procedures governing the collaboration. Employees are trained on these processes, in order to fully align the services provided with the recorded objectives and wishes of the customers.

In order to implement all of the above in practice, in Synergy we are promoting open book partnerships. We pay particular attention to the transparency within the framework of “Engineering Transparent Logic” (ETL), at every stage of the processes, so that all information is accessible to the customer at any time.

Why choose Synergy

Synergy treats any collaboration as unique

Synergy monitors and adapts to customer’s strategy and needs

Stands next to the customer at every step of the partnership, providing ongoing support and customization of its service model where required by the update of the strategy

Acts as an Integrator by coordinating the collaboration with trusted partners depending on the commonly agreed supply chain model

Specializes in Supply Chain Engineering Solutions by combining the criterion of quality with reasonable cost

Aligns with customer needs by designing tailor made solutions

Successfully responds to special requirements projects

Offers solutions for cost reduction but never compromises its customers’ quality and reliability

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238 cooperating companies


million of savings from operational expenses

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