Electronics Hitech & Consumer Goods


The rapid evolution of Consumer Electronics goods and of the respective requirements,  creates the need for high-quality Supply Chain services and innovative solutions in covering their market segment. As we are dealing with sensitive and often high value products, it is essential to have the appropriate infrastructure for their reception and classification – sorting in the inventory, taking into account their volumetric components, their packaging, markings and characteristics.

The rigorous procedure for the importation of the products in the warehouse, the quality and quantity inspections in order to certify the inventory correctness in respect to the customer purchase orders, as well as the multiple stages of inspections during order execution at the micro-picking level, ensure the safety and the compliance during all the process steps.

The services we provide to our clients include:

  • Management of FIFO, FEFO, LIFO etc. according to specifications.
  • Expiry date tracking.
  • Traceability and full product inspection.
  • Country-wide distribution up to the final recipient, B2B and B2C channels (Business to Business and Business to Cunsumer).
  • Coverage of Promotional Campaigns with commitment to specific timetables and implementation models.
  • Reverse Logistics, Returns and defective products management.

Distribution to B2B – B2C is handled through the Synergy Distribution Network which reliably and safely serves the particular needs of the customers of the Industry.