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 4PL Services

The expansion of Synergy’s business model includes also 4PL services. The business model is based on the concept of 4PL, which means that the Company acts as a manager between the client and the appropriate partners performing the project – either 3PL companies or transport companies.

The main objective is the alignment and standardization of the quantitative and qualitative elements of the depositors, mainly those who aim to operate outside of Greece. Synergy’s 3PL experience enables it to design and to apply across the Supply Chain – always for the benefit of the customer – long-term solutions with flexible processes.

The following are Synergy’s daily activities, such as:

  • Process Management
  • IT – Systems – Communications
  • Account Management
  • Pricing
  • Reporting
  • Improvement suggestions – Redesign

As cost factors are extremely important, Synergy aims to create direct and indirect benefits, by in-depth analysis of each activity as well as the implementation of best practices and procedures.