Synergy has the necessary state-of-the-art technology background to support the Best in Class services it offers to its customers, utilizing sophisticated solutions and equipment across the entire supply chain.

The Company responds to its customers’ need for “visibility” by monitoring serial numbers, traceability even at the segment level (critical factor for industries such as food, medicine, etc.) and a series of other actions.

Advanced technology is also applied in the field of document management, and electronic archiving. We are also able to effectively support the required data exchange mechanisms with customer information systems and provide Web Based Reporting.

On the hardware level, the Company has up-to-date equipment (barcode scanners, printers, etc.), as well as server rooms with the addition of power generators and UPS, wired and wireless LANs for reliable operation on a continuous basis.

Technology at a glance:

  • Warehouse Management System
  • RF Scanning
  • Traceability
  • Web Based Reporting
  • POD (Proof of Delivery)
  • IOD (Information of Delivery)
  • Telematics – track & trace

Information systems are protected by Cisco Firewalls to prevent access to the Company’s private networks and to prevent unauthorized users from modifying, removing or adding data. Within the Company’s internal network there is a gradual access for users of computers and laptops.

The coverage of the company’s logistics needs -and therefore its clients- is based on the most up-to-date supply chain management information system, Logistics Vision Suite 3plus. The capabilities of the system, combined with the use of multiple means of inputting information (barcode scanning, RFIDs, etc.), ensures the complete recording and retention of all information related to the route followed by a particular unit or batch of a product, from receipt to the end consumer.

In particular, the identification of a batch of a product through the use of RF Scanners, from the receipt of the supplier, the return of the customer, at all stages of the internal handling of the warehouse up to the distribution, enables the immediate and reliable recording of the information. The information system is configured in such a way as to ensure strict observance of the client’s traceability specifications while optimizing the design and implementation of the warehouse functions.

All of the above leads us safely in providing appropriate traceability information (upstream, downstream) to clients, either for recall or for information purposes.

This information is straightforward, effective and fully ensures the client and company are in compliance with the legislation.


Seeking ways to meet the ever-increasing needs of its clients, Synergy has created a complete, state of the art hardware and software infrastructure. Our facilities have both wired and wireless local area networks which serve to transmit data from a range of fixed (routers, firewalls, switches, access points, servers, computers, printers) as well as portable (wireless hand held terminals) devices.

The uninhibited operations ensure shorter times, which come as a result of our design and know-how. At the same time, our facilities – and in particular the Server Rooms, supported by power generators and UPS – remain operational around the clock.

SC Engineering Management is responsible for the electronic communication with all Synergy depositors’ systems, having experience in file sharing with almost all market systems (SAP, Atlantis, Softone, etc.).

We work with leading companies in their field in order to ensure maximum efficiency. Therefore, our key partners regarding the WMS and ERP systems are ATC – a partner of EPICOR CORPORATION – and MANTIS INFORMATICS SA.

Our state-of-the-art technological infrastructure enables us to fully support the required electronic data exchange mechanisms with our vendors’ and partners’ Information Systems, while supporting seamless information across the systems.

Moreover, we are actively helping to reduce phone calls, printouts and duplicates, focusing on efficiency and the acceleration of the production process.


A distinctive feature of our Company is the integration of Innovations which further enhance our Quality and Reliability levels while maintaining or reducing operating costs for the benefit of both parties. These innovations are integrated at all stages of our internal operations and of our collaboration with customers.

We believe in a lean yet robust organization and structure, which is reinforced by the introduction of Innovations both at systems and equipment level and at the level of the structuring of the work internally and of the management of the Human Resources.

Ιnnovative are also the solutions we offer the Commercial Departments of our clients, who we advise on the planning of promotional or other type of campaigns, from the perspective of the implementation of the Logistics activities and then we undertake the whole organization, implementation and the evaluation after completion.

Innovation governs every Supply Chain proposal we submit to our customers and is put into practice through specific methodologies for the implementation, controlling and evaluation of the results.

In the context of the provision of innovative services, Synergy, in addition to its Logistics Reports which it provides to its customers, uses a specific methodology for providing ‘Business Intelligence’ tools – commercial data which support them in taking the best commercial decisions.