At Synergy, we provide a holistic approach of services to our customers across the entire Supply Chain, from the raw material for the production of a product, to the end point where it will be released for consumption. The end-to-end management philosophy leads to the “ownership” of the project, thus resulting in quality services and creating economies of scale for the benefit of both parties.

Εach project undertaken by the Company is a new challenge for us and we are treating it personalized, analyzing all its parameters in depth, in order to reduce the avoid potential failures.

For each project, there is the responsible project manager, acting as a ‘single point of contact’, who is in charge of the smooth execution of the project, based on the procedures and objectives commonly set.

All involved Synergy departments and individual executives are trained in the peculiarities of every project and on the agreed procedures, in order to provide a seamless operation, high productivity, quality service and continuous project development and to foster long lasting customer relationships.

We manage a wealth of information regarding the services provided and we extract methodically and targeted information which is being delivered to customers for use in their Sales, Procurement and the Supply Chain departments. This plethora of supplied information ultimately leads to cost reduction on the one hand and to the creation of a robust cooperation based on mutual trust on the other hand.