The automotive industry demands solutions of maximum availability and immediate delivery from the Supply Chain. It is important to provide information on the status of the products as well as the conditions of storage and of handling with safety, transparency and special attention to the order processing at the level of micro-picking, packaging for safe transport and ultimately delivery to the final recipient, wherever he is situated, within Greece as well as abroad.

At Synergy we provide Supply Chain services to the Automotive customers by handling products such as tires, batteries, spare parts, machinery, consumables etc., with pre-agreed cut offs and demanding time requirements. For this reason, we have designed specific procedures for rapid order execution and, at the same time, same-day distribution channels in order to meet particular needs and to provide customers with a competitive advantage in their market.

Thanks to our experience in delivering customized Supply Chain solutions, we have a dedicated team which analyzes the data and enables us to adapt to the requirements of each project, supporting each stage with absolute precision.

Synergy provides its depositors on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with a plethora of information on the status of their imports and their orders, as well as on the performance indicators of the project regarding the On-Time reception, stock accuracy, order fulfillment, On-Time delivery etc.