Pharmaceuticals are sensitive products that require special management at all stages of the Supply Chain. Logistics services linked to the Pharma industry must follow specific quality inspection rules (GXP), thus ensuring the safe handling and distributing of the products.

As the Supply Chain needs of the Pharma industry are extremely demanding, Synergy has a temperature-controlled area of 15-25 ° C, fully equipped so as to ensure the safe storage of products according to their specifications.

Among other things, the services we provide to our customers include:

  • Management of FIFO, FEFO, LIFO etc. as per specification.
  • Expiry date tracking.
  • S / N (Serial Number) tracking.
  • Traceability and complete inspection of the products.
  • Distribution within 24 hours and often immediately, serving time windows as well as appointments, meeting the needs of hospitals, pharmaceutical warehouses and of pharmacies as well as of the B2C channel.
  • Reverse Logistics, Returns and defective products management.

As with the storage, with transportation too there are increased requirements for the safety of medicinal products with regard to the type of truck, temperature / humidity monitoring, etc., which are ensured by a combination of company-owned and cooperating vehicles in Synergy’s nationwide distribution network, while the drivers and co-drivers are constantly trained both in-house as well as by specialized third parties.

Synergy provides its depositors on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with a plethora of information on the status of their imports and their orders, as well as on the performance indicators of the project regarding the On-Time reception, stock accuracy, order fulfillment, On-Time delivery etc.