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Logistics Engineering

One of the particular elements characterizing Synergy is the group of Supply Chain Engineers which it has formed. The task of this group is to analyze the needs of each new partnership and the corresponding requirements it entails, as well as to analyze the new needs arising out of the evolution / change of the strategy and the requirements of existing customers. The SC Engineers team then presents the ideal way of operating for all departments of the Company and the best procedures that need to be adopted in order to meet the new needs in a hi-quality and effective manner.

In this context, the SC Engineers team indicates the optimal layout within the Distribution Centers, which may call for a re-engineering of the warehouse space, it cooperates with the IT department in order to integrate the project into the Company’s information systems and to configure the software, it trains the human resources in the service needs of the project project at hand, it coordinates the beginning of the project and it monitors its smooth development.

The Supply Chain Engineers group operates in the context of continuous improvement which is a concrete objective of our Company and a daily way of thinking, both in our relationships with customers and in our internal processes. In this context, we implement and constantly reassess the Lean Management.

The elimination of any unnecessary action during the reception, storaging, distribution and the value-added services is a prerequisite for ensuring quality operations while keeping costs at bay. A host of indicators that identify sources of “wastage” are used daily to constantly improve our performance.