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 International Freight Forwarding Services

Synergy has an International Freight Forwarding (IFF) section, where the whole process of importing and exporting goods is monitored and all depositors are constantly kept up-to-date. An extensive network of correspondents and contributors constitutes an important factor in adhering to timetables and speed of transport.

The goals of IFF are: through efficient management of its resources it aims at reducing:

  • Reduce shipping costs
  • Reduce management costs with “end-2-end” centralized operation
  • Shrinking lead times
  • Minimizing risk during transport
  • Reduced mileage without work
  • Control and reduce Carbon Footprint

Road, sea, air, rail and combined transport solutions, FTL / LTL (Full Truckload / Less Truckload) cargoes are provided for a wide range of freight. Synergy’s main concern is to support overall export activity, which is quite significant and adds a positive sign to the national economy.