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Our facilities

Synergy is a modern Supply Chain Company which acknowledges its responsibility for managing its customers’ products, having complete awareness and professional conscience as to what this entails, using state-of-the-art facilities.

We have facilities in Attica and 7 Distribution Centers with a total covered area of 60,000 sq.m. as well as 7 regional hubs.

Our facilities dispose of all the modern equipment needed to service our customers’ imports and orders such as  sophisticated storage systems, renewed fleet of warehouse equipment (pallet trucks, forklifts, reach trucks etc), modern packaging – repackaging machinery, specialized and state of the art hardware and software.

At the same time, we invest in facilities and equipment, tailored to the specific requirements of the industry in which the customer operates, such as the management of 15-25 ° C temperature-controlled products, chemicals, hazardous products (DGs), etc.

In addition, Synergy has a fully-fledged, nationwide distribution and micro-distribution network, through 24 partners and 52 transport companies, in order to be in position to meet the customer requirements. At the same time, we have a strategic partnership with a Courier Company so as to serve the specific network needs for Contract Logistics projects.

In Attica, we have 6 Distribution Centers in Aspropyrgos at Schineza, at Two Pefka, at Rikia, at Melissia, in Magoula at Chavossi and in Elefsina at Strifi with a total of 55,000 pallet places. For the coverage of the transportation needs of our customers we dispose of a fleet of 48 partner truck owners who work with us on a daily basis for the distribution in Attica and 5 Company trucks.

Furthermore, for the distribution outside the region of Attica, the Company uses regional hubs in Thessaloniki, Larissa, Patras, Heraklion, Crete, Alexandroupolis and Rhodes in order to carry out transshipment and further local distribution with partner distribution trucks.

The Company closely monitors the developments in the industry and anticipates its emerging needs in order to develop and to invest continuously, ensuring that its level of services remains constant.

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