Chemical & Industrial Products


The chemical industry is a significant part of the global economy, with the European Union covering a large share of the production and the distribution of chemicals.

Companies offering Supply Chain services play a key role in the management of chemicals and of industrial products since, besides the self-evident safety, they must ensure flexibility and adaptability in an ever-changing and highly competitive market.

The chemical Dangerous Goods (DG) industry is another sensitive category, requiring specific licenses for the management of depositors’ products.

Synergy has 10,000 m2 licensed warehouse facilities in Aspropirgos and has staffed them with experienced and well-trained personnel. Its DG Officer is specialized in managing dangerous products and is responsible for monitoring the risk of the stored cargo as well as any incompatibility of products. He undertakes the appropriate personnel training and the management of any emergency situations, in collaboration with the Security Technician and the Consultant for the Safe Transportation of Dangerous Goods.

By safeguarding the safety and the reputation of the depositors, we operate through strict processes in complete transparency and we always aim at the excellence by seeking ever-more efficient management and exploitation of resources, thus significantly reducing our environmental footprint and risks of accidents.

We hold OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and YA 1348 Certifications, and we are investing in every modern tool that enables us to have advanced know-how in the chemical Supply Chain, with the ultimate goal of fully meeting the most specialized requirements of existing and of potential customers.

We are a member of the European Chemical Transport Association (ECTA), of the Hellenic Association of Chemical Industries, and the initiative “Responsible Care” for the continuous improvement in the fields of health, safety and the environment, of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) .

Synergy provides its depositors with daily, weekly and monthly information on the status of their imports and orders as well as on the performance indicators of the services rendered in terms of the timely reception, inventory accuracy, order fulfillment, on time delivery etc.