Activity Sectors

Maritime Logistics
Synergy has a wide network of trained and experienced partners so as to meet the specialized needs of shipping industry.
Synergy provides its depositors on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with a plethora of information on the status of their imports and their orders, as well as on the performance indicators of the project regarding the On-Time reception, stock accuracy, order fulfillment, On-Time delivery
Chemical & Industrial products
The chemical industry is a significant part of the global economy, with the European Union covering a large share of the production and the distribution of chemicals.
Producers in the food industry are facing strong pressure in terms of retail prices.
The landscape of the traditional retail business is changing at an increasing pace and with the need for digital purchases growing exponentially, due to the new needs which arise
HO.RE.CA.’s industry is an important factor in the Greek economy and faces increased demands owing to the high seasonality which is due to the tourism.
Electronics Hitech
The rigorous procedure for the importation of the products in the warehouse, the quality and quantity inspections in order to certify the inventory correctness in respect to the customer purchase orders, as well as the multiple stages of inspections during order execution at the micro-picking level, ensure the safety and the compliance during all the process steps.
As the Supply Chain needs of the Pharma industry are extremely demanding, Synergy has a temperature-controlled area.
The automotive industry demands solutions of maximum availability and immediate delivery from the Supply Chain.
Everybody involved in the fashion industry is directly dependent on a series of fιting trends, owing to the extremely short product life cycle.
The unique conditions and requirements of the telecommunications sector create the need for high-quality Supply Chain services as well as innovative solutions to serve their market.

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