Daily Deliveries for the


needs of the HORECA channel

Cash On Delivery (C.O.D.) management


Promotional Material management

Reverse Logistic

HO.RE.CA.’s industry is an important factor in the Greek economy and faces increased demands owing to the high seasonality which is due to the tourism.

By serving the industry for many years on behalf of its customers, Synergy is aware of the demanding timetables, the peculiarities of the sector and the concerns of the consequences of any failures, and is shouldering the responsibility for developing a detailed plan for each customer that will effectively cover every step of the process with the ultimate goal of a better and more efficient operation.

We have an efficient nationwide network of 7 Distribution Centers which covers the increased requirements regarding small delivery locations, stock replenishment speed as well as the speed of market coverage of even the remotest parts of the industry.

The design methodology as well as the continuous monitoring of the project execution safeguard the quality of the services provided and the achievement of high KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) as well as the execution of the promotional activities, successfully and consistently.

Synergy provides its depositors on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with a plethora of information on the status of their imports and their orders, as well as on the performance indicators of the project regarding the On-Time reception, stock accuracy, order fulfillment, On-Time delivery etc.