Maritime Logistics


The maritime sector has always had special requirements due to its nature. Τhus, its Supply Chain is particularly demanding, both in terms of the range of products it covers, but mainly in the very strict timeframes for the execution of the projects. These, in conjunction with the complex and particular processes depending on the channel, means of transport, port and customs office concerned, make Maritime Logistics a very particular sector.

In all stages of the Supply Chain, close, “on-line” communication with the depositors is required in order for them to remain up to date on the freight movements, while the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) aim at particularly high returns, as a delay in one delivery is not just a loss of a sale, but has a further repercussions for the customer.

Synergy has a wide network of trained and experienced partners so as to meet the specialized needs of shipping industry, and invests in systems that enable it to monitor the process and to provide sufficient information to its depositors.

In case of Maritime Logistics, Synergy provides its depositors a real-time information on the status of the deliveries, besides the regular reporting on the Key Performance Indicators of the project.