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The outward-looking nature of companies has to do with many complex factors such as risk-sharing, sustainability, the development of opportunities abroad and their expansion to new channels and markets.

In recent years, by adopting this investment model, Synergy has set the bar high in terms of its outward orientation and is investing in countries abroad.

What also contributed significantly to this decision, is the successful operating model of existing Contract Logistics projects of multinational clients, who pushed us to export this ‘know-how’ to overseas Supply Chain services abroad, both with 3PL and 4PL models. Specific companies have entrusted us with the planning and implementation of a Supply Chain management plan for a range of their products in other European countries. In particular Synergy has a presence in:

  • Cyprus,
  • Bulgaria,
  • Serbia,

while our goal is to expand to other countries in the Balkans and in Central Europe in the coming years.