Supply Chain Integrated Services

Synergy provides a complete spectrum of supply chain state of the art services of high added value.

The high end of our services consists of the tailor made services called “Tailor Made Solutions" that are designed, implemented and updated in the context of our strategic alignment with our customers, offering them unique advantages and solutions. Our continuous support to our customers is proven by our scheduled regular business meetings. We listen to their needs that are constantly changing by current conditions and we convert the new and ever emerging requirements into powerful logistics, able to address any challenge.

A series of new, high added value services such as Proof of Delivery (POD), the Call Centers operation, the management of advance payments, the availability of repair sites and showrooms etc come to significantly expand the number of outsourcing options. Even standard Storage and Distribution services are provided daily by the highly trained and specialized personnel of our Company with total respect for our customers and dedication to detail.

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The Company

The Company

Thanks to its 30-year experience, Synergy can ensure the provision of Best in Class services since it possesses the necessary know-how, adopts innovative practices, embraces innovative technologies, uses state-of the art infrastructures and equipment, has developed a reliable network all over Greece, makes the necessary investments and provides continuous education and training to its more...

Why choose Synergy?

Why choose Synergy?

Because our Company considers each partnership as unique. Because we firmly believe in fully aligning our services to the changing needs of our customers. Because we offer cost effective solutions without compromising the quality and reliability of the companies that have placed their trust in more...

Quality in our DNA

Quality in our DNA

Quality is our first priority and we ensure it at all the stages of our partnership, without compromising our standards: we offer both high quality services and quality in internal organization and operation. Quality benchmarks lead us in that more...

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'It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do'
– Moliere



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